22 Nov

How can someone hold still while his/her heart is being slaughtered..?

Do you know the amount of effort needed to keep tears from falling?

Pretend like sun is shining…

wastedAlways. .!!

when all what is inside is a heart rack.

Bunch of unfulfilled dreams and daggers in your only vivid memorY?

Do you recognize the amount of pain when you give away a dream?

Smile… laugh… When u r torn inside.

When all Ur poetry you wrote, thought and dream to draw…

just stops and leave u behind…and why?

Cause you banned Ur soul, tears and heart from screaming…

Every day when u go to sleep, you look inside u…down so deep…

and u tell your heart…

“I know what we have been through.

Just smile. Believe me, it wasn’t u . . .

I have no promises to keep…

But please when u get stabbed again..

.Don’t weep…smile…walk strong…

Just for a while…

till we meet that same day at night…cry… Dream… shout…But know down inside…u r not cheap…


2 Responses to “Wasted”

  1. sadangelsshadow 29/09/2009 at 5:31 AM #

    i heart this.. if only i had the willpower..

  2. Cinderella 29/09/2009 at 10:04 AM #

    you will find it by time ..
    every morning when u wake up look in the mirror and say “am better” and time will heal it all ..believe me

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