Our Eyes

15 Nov
sitting on the floor in a magical place..
where you can sense the soul of the past..
My heart is open to all the Jazzy Crazy Tones..
People are whispering ..
stories and pictures are built by every single melody..
but then happened what I didnt expect..
Your eyes caught mine in a split of a second..
how amazin eyes can be..
you looked at me while you were smiling..
and then
everything stopped
the band stopped playing..
my friends stopped talking..
the flashes of the cameras stopped in the middle of the way..
As if everything collaborated together to draw one single live portrait..
Your eyes are still haunting me..
even afer the time is gone..
But the question remains..
What did you see in my eyes that made you stop the world..
and catch me?
Will we meet again?
i dont know if our circles will ever meet..
But what i DO know is..
Once upon a time..
our eyes met..

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