I wish…

23 Nov
mmmm i don’t know..but
i write down my Bucket list ..and every now and then
i would upgrade it..
the thing is..
i found something that i really wish for..
yet it’s outta my hand
i always dreamt of a surprise party !!yeah i know am so cheesy and stuff
but that is my wish !
yes a surprise party..whether it’s for my birthday that i hadn’t celebrated for the past 6 or more years..
or maybe anything else
a party that would involve the following
of course a surprise
A LOT OF SURPRISES that i don’t have an idea what they would be.. i know more cheesy !!
why do i need that?seriously i don’t know
but just the idea that group of people i care about
gathered around ..despite their differences..despite the fact that they don’t know each other ..but yet they are here .is an idea that i love ..
once upon a time
i promised myself i wont tell that wish to anyone
and i didn’t ..I’m not writing it down so it would happen or it’s like pleading to happen..
am writing it down cause i feel like it ..

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