My Very Own Bucket List

24 Nov
OK .. here it goes..
I’m writing down my bucket list
and from time to time
am gonna update it ..
  1. i want to have a golden and red walls,
  2. a red porcha ,
  3. travel to Spain,
  4. Italy,
  5. Goa,
  6. Malaysia,
  7. Maldive island,
  8. France (Paris & country side),
  9. Scotland,
  10. Germany (not the capital)
  11. spend the Eid in elkaaba
  12. spend the new years eve at new york
  13. spend the thanks giving period at Chicago
  14. spend the valentine in Vienna
  15. go to the (moulin rouge) theatre in france :)
  16. sky diving
  17. scuba diving
  18. swim with dolphins
  19. attend concerts for : Celin Dion,
  20. Micheal Buble &
  21. Bryan Adams.
  22. dance in a public place
  23. have the most romantic public marriage proposal
  24. have a surprise party
  25. sing in a karaoke bar
  26. have a butterfly tattoo
  27. go for a ride on a Harley with my love driving and me holding his back , wearing a leather jacket on a sunrise scene and some great music (am still searching for it) is playing.
  28. then driving the Harley myself :)
  29. climb a mountain (Still searching for the one)
  30. scream my lungs out in a vast place (i do that every time i get into a tunnel but i need an empty beautiful place)
  31. Have a two week residency in New york and watch all the Broadway shows .. and the opera :)
  32. have my own CD library (with the movies i love)

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