7 Dec
yesterday i had like million words
miillion screams..
but i shoked !
yes i didnt want to speak a word
i didnt
i wanted to come here
write and write till my fingers fall
and then it was like..
what the heck ? and i forced myself to sleep aggresively that i woke up bruised :)
as for today…
well let me see
i had a derastic hair cut
that my friends are calling to curse me over the phone..
i had a new look
that i like
that to somehow
is me :)
it’s funny how little things can express u..
just to look at it
and say
(that’s the real me)
like for example
my bergendi nail polish
that’s me !
that the colour of the inner me ..
then i went to the dentist
and was so high that the doctor kept laughing for what i was saying and doing..
had a sweet cute conversation with ma (bluffing sure) !!
went to Wust elBalad concert at elsawi culture wheel with a one good friend :) ..
and let me say that it’s my first wust elbalad concert..
it was awkward
because i love crowded places
and yet it felt strange!
i dont know why but it did..
i love thier music and yet it was … stupid !
no seriously i love them but the concert was a disaster..and i feel the band was out of mood..
(that’s my feelings people)
but then we discovered this place in elsawi .. wow..
(it’s me) :)
i almost made my good friend cry and i felt really bad afterwards !
had a hysterical situation on the way back…
but really
the hair cut
the new look
the laugh at the dentist
my friend’s talk
wust elbalad song (shams elnahar)
the funny sitiuation (the car)
the photos i took at home
and the dancing to the beats
slightly changed my mood..
am changing lanes
and heading back to me
all i need is
..shwyt time with myself
a paper
a pen
atmoshpere that is free of action..any kind !
Lena Chmamyan,Souad Massi ..
my coffee ..
and i will return to me again .. i know i will..
cause i want to..
today my friend gave me a hug..
while she was hugging me i almost cried..
it has been so long since that happened ! (the hugging part as for the crying it happens a lot)
felt somehow alone these days..
i am always fine..always was and always will be ..
i just need a little time !
anyhow ..
i love the way i looked today :D
i love the way my hair looks :)
am cute :P

2 Responses to “Today”

  1. Khaled 30/12/2008 at 10:15 AM #

    cool , you are crazy !
    i like that :D

    • Cinderella 30/12/2008 at 11:14 AM #

      i like it too ;)

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