yeap..That’s me

3 Mar

last week i had this incident at was really strange..but here it goes

i walk around any where have a smile on my face..not a smirk , not a ridiculous smile ,nor a FLIRTY “for God’s sake” and not a stupid one either !
just a smile simple and true..

cause i believe smiling is contagious and maybe the person coming my way needs that smile ..
maybe s/he is on their way to an interview and scared..or worried and needs to see that it’s a better place after all :)..the world i mean !

so this guy i had an argument with at work let us give him the letter (K)..and it was unresolved till then..coming way and saw that smile on my face..

he went to my manager and will call him (I) and made an official complain that I’m mocking him with my smile ..
so (I) :.. Cinderella?

(K) : yeaaah !

(I) :..i need to you ask a favour..would u please walk around and ask them about Cinderella?
so (K) : ask them what? her smile?
(I) yeah..and if she didn’t smile to anyone today or any other day i will make her write down a sincere public apology ..
and so he went ..
he came back an hour later 

(K) ..OK i withdraw my complaint..

everyone told me she was smiling from 9 am to everyone in the building and saying hello and when someone is frowning she would point on her smile so they would smile back :)
so my manager said..yeap that’s Cinderella .. : )


2 Responses to “yeap..That’s me”

  1. marooned84 03/03/2009 at 10:54 AM #

    I think every workplace needs a Cindrella!

  2. Cinderella 03/03/2009 at 2:31 PM #

    oh Marooned that is so sweet : ) really thank u !

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