Cross Roads

3 Aug

there is something i intended to write two days before the accident.. it’s about taking a decision..

as mum sold our car (Soozoo) i was forced to take the other way .. TAXI !!

and this time to avoid fights and pulling each other hair .. i got my Humongous headphones and books so i would show the respectable taxi drivers of our country that am occupied ..

anyway.. on my way to work , on October Bridge the drivers have the right to choose whether to stay on the bridge or go off the bridge.. the thing is..

each and everyone after taking the decision..they would look at the other way.. to see if they took the right decision or not.. and if they did take the right decision ( and that depends if the other way is crowded) they smile and i can sense in their eyes the victory of choosing the right decision ..

i believe that goes around not only drivers.. if we were faced with a cross road in our life.. we are always terrified with the fact that we might have taken the wrong road.. and we will always be looking over our shoulders to check if the other road is jammed..darkened.. foggy .. and if so ..

the relief that we took the right one.. it would be as if we won a million dollar marathon or something..we would look up with the eyes ..yet the chin pinned down..smiling .. taking in all the fresh air that’s available around..  hearts beating so fast with victory and triumph..

we took the right one..

the question is if it’s the other way…

if we looked over our shoulders to find the other road is streaming smoothly and ours is jammed and foggy?


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