24 Aug

ok my birthday is tomorrow (25 August) .. i was thinking about that the other day wondering .. how can in one year everything just fall into the right place..

i mean since last year i had one hell series of events .. let me start with what happened first since then :

  1. i got my diploma in training as a certified trainer from RITI.

  2. i got the scholarship from ITI ( although 15 employee from my company went through the same process and only moi got accepted).

  3. we moved back to our own beloved home.

  4. grandpa died.

  5. Mahmoud (my brother) had an accident.

  6. our car got stolen and retrieved in the same day .

  7. Hassan khalil and I became very good friends.

  8. he introduced me to Ahmed Ezz.

  9. i introduced him to Rana El-Dars.

  10. and he Re-introduced Ola Osman to me.

  11. all of the above became close friends that we spent the first 3 months or more going out everyday together after work and never get bored.

  12. i was introduced to a new style of living .. that i can have fun and work .. laugh till my stomach hurts and learn while i have goosebumps out of beauty.

  13. i began attending concerts for Nagham Masry,Wust El-Balad,Mohamed Mounir,Massar Egbari,Black Thema,attending SOS Music,Nokia XpressMusic ,BOOK discussions,poetry reading sessions and once in a blue moon attend the awesome Jazz festivals.

  14. i began to open my mind..

  15. revive my soul intensely.

  16. relive my own senses..

  17. Xpressing beauty and sensing my way around the world

  18. i began being me without being ashamed of who i am.

  19. i began expressing how i feel and who i am in the simplest way ever

  20. i started laughing again from my heart

  21. i am more educated

  22. more informed than last year for sure

  23. am more mature in a way and wild in another

  24. i am aware

  25. am thinner than last year

  26. am aware am beautiful inside and out : )

  27. when i want to scream i will , when i feel like crying i will,when i feel like running around .. i do : )

  28. i knew who my true friends are.

  29. i started training and began my career (and for my own shock i am one hell of a trainer)

  30. i had more than 2000 pounds in my hand : )

  31. i had my car accident

  32. i got stitches for the first time and .. in my face : D (El7amdolelah)

  33. when i was in the hospital i was certain more than anytime than am loved : ))

im summing up the points but i had more and more than this.. it’s like the past years were preparing me for a year that would everything blossom in..

this year am facing my roses that i had been watering and caring whole my life ..

I’m blossoming .. am facing my wonderful happy music el7amdolelah : )

am 25 and am enjoying it to the max ..

still 16 till i die


5 Responses to “25”

  1. ibhog 27/08/2009 at 5:25 AM #

    wow msA what a rich year that’s full of new perspectives, you’ve been busy :)

    Happy Birthday Cinderella, may you blossom and live all the years of your life isA :)

  2. sleepingspirit 27/08/2009 at 3:31 PM #

    hey Sorry !! I missed it, I just read it today ..
    Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyy beautiful cinderella and My God You are a ripen sweet fruit, you are colourful flower blossoms intensely Mashallah ..
    Wish you happy life ..

  3. washwashat 28/08/2009 at 12:21 AM #

    إسمي مكتووووووووووووووب :D

    Tab3an enjoyed the post and read it all with a smile :)

    كل سنة و انتي أحلى و أحلى سيندريللا ممكن حد يقابلها في حياته

  4. ibhog 05/09/2009 at 5:55 PM #

    Check my blog. You’ve been tagged in a game, I hope you share :)

  5. Cinderella 14/09/2009 at 4:42 AM #

    hey am sorry for the late reply guys..my laptop was in the ICU for a long time now .. :))

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