3ed M3aya .. count with me ! :D

14 Sep

ok as Ibhog created this Thankful game and tagged me (yaaay me ! ) ..im  getting straight to the point and starting my “Blessing List” .. here it goes :

  1. My Mum : every night . every two hours i’d go and check on my mum and make sure she is still breathing.. ive been doing this since i was 7 years old.. my mum is the phenomenal woman that everyone is talking about..i’ll get to that later..but let us first point out some major points.. Allah made her the reason for my Islam now..as she was the reason my dad converted into Islam..my mum is the sole provider for our family..she is the strongest woman ive ever met in my life..she has been through a lot in her life ..and yet she laughs about it as if it was the joke of the day.. she is so funny..so beautiful .. and my strength rock.. btw : u can read her life story here she has her own blog FARAKAA .. and for that with a big satisfying sigh : El7AMDOLELALLAH : ) “Strong”
  2. My Charisma: am serious ! am not cocky or anything ! but i always felt that mum said that do3a2 (ro7y ya benti ellahy rrbna y7bb feeky 7’al2o) and it was ! .. i have that familiar smiley face that everyone can relate to easily ! i passed in a lot of interviews cause of it ,i won a lot of people’s trust cause of it..and in my training oh my god ! what a benefit ! i have a good charisma ! whenever i enter a room ..i get noticed ..(u think my loud voice has something to do with that? ) :D .. and i know because of my charisma and my character .. i’ll get where i want soon isA ..: El7AMDOLELALLAH “Success”
  3. My sisters and Brother: this ramadan my two sisters and brother were having their Iftar out so i was the only one left with mum.. we sat thier eating talking and laughing..yet feeling so alone .. we felt so empty..that all my wishes to be a lonely child vanished in a heart beat..and i told mum(ana 3reft leh 7’lefty 4 ) :) .. they give me unconditioned love..they are my best friend even when we deny it and struggle to kill that fact..we have the purest laughs ever when we sleep in beds at night and the lights are out..and we laugh .. we laugh that our stomaches hurt .. : ) .. and when my accident happened all i could think of when i was getting stitched up that Yasmin my sister fears blood so i was asking her friend Amira to take care of her..and that Mahmoud will remember his accident when he sees me ..and Habiba will feel all alone as Yasmin needs to be taken care of.. i know for fact..for a damn good fact ..that anything happens to be good or bad .. they feel it even when i dont talk it out.. i love them so much .. : EL7AMDOLELALLAH “secured”
  4. Marwa,Hassan,Rana and Ola : my friends ..those guys are created to change my life ..each in his/her own way ,on his/her own time ,in different aspects .. i love them so much. and i cant remember my life without them .. it’s too hazy for me to remember.. i love them so much : EL7AMDOLELALLAH “Revived”
  5. Expressive: Thank Allah ! bgd.. i can easily express my self and my emotions so easily .. so easily that sometimes people think am joking ! i dont hold anything back or in my heart ..ever .. i dont hide anything..if i wanted to laugh i will..if something happened that supposing to be humorous and i didnt feel it i will not.. i thank Allah million times..that i know how to express my inner thoughts and feelings : El7AMDOLELALLAH “Grateful”

ill continue my list later cause my mum is demanding back her laptop :S

to be continued


4 Responses to “3ed M3aya .. count with me ! :D”

  1. ibhog 14/09/2009 at 11:33 AM #

    Your mom’s blog is awesome!

  2. sleepingspirit 14/09/2009 at 12:30 PM #

    Jazzy- I envy what you have !! :-)

    No I don’t envy wla 7aga , I’m so happy for you, God bless
    you and your gorgeous Mom, I just loved your list so much and waited to be continued :-)
    And thanks for the tagging..

    One more thing, Your Mom’s blog is outstanding, well written with this sarcastic flavor, I will start reading from the start inshallah .

  3. washwashat 16/09/2009 at 2:53 AM #

    Very happy to be within ur blessing list :)

    Will be more than happy to respond to ur tag, but after 3eed ba2ah in shaa Allah. El mawdoo3 me7tag ma5ma5a ;)

  4. Cinderella 16/09/2009 at 9:59 PM #

    @ Ibhog: yeaaaaaaah it is :D am glad u like it :D

    @ Sleeping Spirit: thank u babe .. :) mwah and am happy u do like mum’s blog :D that’s her character in real life btw :D

    @ Washwashat: :)) mashy ya setty..waitingggggggggggggggg

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