I Gossiped !

22 Sep

I am a girl!

Im a normal girl…

Ok…not so normal i agree…

I love chocolate. I cry in movies, songs, books…even cartoon sometimes…

I have my own squeaky high pitch voice…

I love dancing. I know actually how to do the action!

My voice is not a singing one. But i do sing…r3’mn 3n ANF elgameeeeee3…

If i dislike Someone, you won’t find ME talking to him/her… as simple as that!

But i haven’t gossiped about anyone for the past 8 years… ever! i hate gossip cause not only i believe what goes around comes around but also because i feel guilty afterwards and will ask that – gossip topic person – for forgiveness !

So i don gossip… PERIOD! And any girl at work would try to huddle around with all the other girls and their ohh gossipy faces to gossip… i just smile and say ( girls ! i dont gossip .. and if the – gossipiee – asked ME i’ll say straight forward what’s happeneing behind his/her back. WITHOUT MENTIONING THE GOSSIPERS NAME)

Am popular where i work. and it’s not only cause of my name : ) but am loud, all times smiler and will always find ME everywhere you go !

For a year and a half at work… they respected my rule…and never gossiped with ME…or around ME…maybe about ME but i dont care as long as am not involved in the gossping process…

Till she came! I’ll her call (SHAKIRA)… anyway… im not gonna gossip with u and tell u anything about her except that beside her am very calm, quiet and peaceful!

She became a very close friend of mine… or let ME put it that way…she considered ME to be one of her closest friends…i didnt tell her anything about ME… for a reason…i didnt trust her enough to do so!

Anyway she told ME a secret. That secret if the other person involved in the secret knew that i know that would get ME into so much trouble… because it has something to do with breaking the work ethics rules and a lot of that crap! -Hope u won’t mind my French through out the post – !

..Time passed. And ive been giving her my opinion when she asked for it… and warning her when i felt it…yelled at her when she needed to be yelled at…and held her when she was crying…i was there for her…

Then i discovered that everyone else in the company was her best friend! She told everyone her secret and said please don’t tell anyone you know. How did i discover that! She sent ME an email with an update of her secret. And instead of putting US in the BCC she misplaced the emails to the CC… And i got to know who she told!

So i asked her very gently to exclude ME from her life. Not to tell ME anymore of that secret. Cause for ME it was a burden to carry around…so i did it with confidence now i know she is in EVERYONE’s good hands…


Anyway. time passed again and i got to go for a mission for 8 weeks…

To return back to find that she became My BOSS’s best friend! (P.S: she hated the guy’s guts)…

I couldn’t wrap the relation around my head. Specially that My BOSS himself hated her guts himself. So i just shut up completely. And stopped talking to her 7’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssssssssssss… because now my career is on the line and My BOSS is on the red line!

I stopped even saying good morning. And for the sake that she might enter the room am in – specially that she and My BOSS became best friends – i had my headphones on…so as not to speak or hear her voice…

I know you may ask…and why the cold shoulder? Ill simply reply…cause i know that she will get ME into trouble,plus i hate hipocrates,plus rumours are staretd to spread that My BOSS and SHAKIRA are hitting it off..

And from experience when you know a secret about someone. And that person grew by time to have more power than you. You will be the first to get your butt kicked!

So i wanted to avoid the fight… because simply… i need as much as i can…a healthy work environment…because my job requires a lot of self control and mind peacefullness… plus i dont spit where i eat!


On a lousy day… i found My BOSS calling ME at 11 pm… (That’s not normal) so i replied waiting for big bang boom news…

(The guy is fine btw…he is young and when it coMEs to personal level thing…he is a great guy)…

I found him talking to ME about SHAKIRA…and how he wants her off his back…and that she stays at work after the working hours to talk to him till 9 or 10 pm on personal stuff…

And he is asking for my help…he wants to know what to do with (sa7bty) as he calls her…

So the first thing i said was (she is not my friend anymore… so please let ME stay out of that)

And he respected my wish. After 2 hours of nagging about SHAKIRA… anyway at the end of the call he threw a bom

BOSS: you know the bla bla secret?

ME: no… What?

BOSS: she told ME that you knew the secret…

ME: am sorry even if i knew the secret why the hell would she tell you that i do know it!!?? Doesn’t she know that this would get ME into trouble?

BOSS: dont worry YOUR SECRET is safe with ME. No one will know that you know!!

Can you believe it! Ive been working my butt off at work to separate my personal life out of my professional one. And SHAKIRA caME in 8 weeks. Blew everything off! Why did she do that? Why?


Tannnnnnnnnnni anyway… i kept it to myself… swallowed her CRAP… and silentely went to work the following day…

We were having a lazy day at work…

The four of us girls were sitting there. Laughing singing and dancing sometimes. We locked the door and sat there. We had (girls’ day in) at work…

We started talking. Everyone with her own secret… laughing…mocking each other…and it was one hell of a time…then SHAKIRA’s name came up. Let us just say that who brought her name up was (SHADIA) – SHADIA is My BOSS’s best friend’s fiancée and a long time best friend-

So before talking about her i told the girls: i don’t gossip…MSH b3rf…bgd MSH b3rf balash ana…

They said and i quote: ya she7’a…y3ni eh ely hy7sl…

And they started talking. Apparently My BOSS told everything SHAKIRA told him to SHADIA!!!! Everything even the secret that was supposed to be a secret!

And i found in them someone i can tell how angry i was from her… (I know i was wrong)… i told them that am angry cause she burdened ME with something that would specially hurt ME if anyone knew that i know..

I told them how stupid i felt when i knew she told My BOSS i knew…

And SHADIA told ME that SHAKIRA told the other person involved in the secret that i know!!!


Anyway… it was the first time i gossiped in 8 years…and i felt so freakin guilty…that the following time i saw SHAKIRA…i said Hi.. !!!! (Stupid ME i know)



Few days later i found SHAKIRA asking ME for a word privately…

So i stepped out of the room. With a wooden face and icy looks.

 I asked her: what do you want?

SHAKIRA: momken a3rf enti mt3’yra leh m3aya?

ME: since when did u notice that?

SHAKIRA: since you came back from your mission?

ME: and why now?

SHAKIRA: i thought by now you’d calm down from whatever is making you angry with ME and talk to ME…

ME: ok SHAKIRA…here it is… i won’t take anymore of your crap…i need to be in healthy relationships…

You tricked ME when you told ME am your well of your secrets. Cause that burdened the hell out of ME

You lied to ME about a lot of things…

You and My BOSS became best friends..and how did that happen?

I took a lot of crap defending you in front of anyone… and since i stopped talking to you el7amdolelah i stopped with the crap thing

You told My BOSS i knew and why would you do that btw?!

You told the second person involved i knew? And WTH would you do that for?

And btw there is rumors spreading around that you and My BOSS are hitting it off according to certain actions you did…

So enough with everything revolving around you. I want out! You consumed ME! You consumed my time, my feelings, my nerves and my mind. So am not going to let you do that anymore and that by simply not talking to you!

SHAKIRA: first: i didn’t ask you to defend ME… cause Cindy when someone talks about you in my presence i dont go on defending you…i shut up and nod !

Second: you know your boss isn’t my type. My actions are done in good intentions. I don’t give a damn about who says or thinks what!

Third: am entitled to tell who i want what i want about my secrets

Fourth: am in a relation right now

Fifth: who is spreading those rumors?

ME: you know ME better to ask that last question cause definetly am not going to say who. Plus SHAKIRA you know this company better to act like that…

SHAKIRA: Cindy i don’t have any guy on my Face book list

ME: i do! I have the whole company on my list yet my reputation is far better than yours! Cause am open and out there… i dont let people think twice about a word i said or something i did…am obvious…but you are not…and am tired of talking to you like my little baby…cause simply you are causing ME too much of a headache and apparently am not that important to you to defend ME behind my back like i do to you. So simply back off please. I am in deep need for some peace. And good luck in your new relation…

SHAKIRA: you won’t give ME names?

ME: not even in your dreams!


5 days later

ME: good morning

..No one replies in the room…

So i asked -let us say YOUSEF- what is going on?

YOUSEF: SHAKIRA came by and told every girl in the company that (Cindy told ME that you are spreading rumors about ME. so please stop talking to ME you filthy hypocrite)

ME: what??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I didn’t say names!!! What the hell?

YOUSEF: she tricked them all !! all girls defended themselves and said that you are a liar and that never came out of their mouth!

ME: wow! Is that so? And she believed them?

YOUSEF: i guess so! Cause they just had breakfast together!

ME: and did she notice that the incidence they are referring to in their rumours…i wasnt even here! I was on my mission…! 3’abeyya awy 3la fkra!

YOUSEF: she sat down yesterday with your boss telling him everything you said and asking him to know what did he tell you exactly !

..And then it hit ME! I told her that i knew she told My BOSS!

Am so freaking stupid!!

Ana 3arfa nfsi…ana maleesh fel lt w el3gn…w elkalam w 7rkat dyh!!!

Ana 3’abya 3’aba2 sbt el3’aseel!


And since that day – 3 months now – girls at work won’t talk to ME!

And that was the first time in 8 years. And the last en shaa Allah…

I hate gossip…


Tell ME your opinion. It took quiet an effort out of ME to get all of that out of my chest!!!

Am sorry for being that talkative!

Am sorry for the 2008 word!

As I said what goes around..and I believe that my condition now at work..maybe the result for my one gossip session in 8 years ! .. I’ll take it like a champ.. I deserve it !


6 Responses to “I Gossiped !”

  1. jessyz 24/09/2009 at 12:33 PM #

    Woah! That was a long and complicated story. I got lost in the middle. People tend to be fickle and sometimes don’t stop to think about things before they judge people. Hope your friends at the office realize they made a mistake soon.

  2. sleepingspirit 25/09/2009 at 3:13 AM #

    WTF !!!!

    – Cinderella, Who knows u well, Would never break his friend ship with u, Would never believe her Lies, Would never forget a year and half for just some weeks and days ..

    And what u did was not really Gossip ! U just faced her strongly and told her the truth, U were talking from ur heart based on some Facts, So don’t punish urself like this way ..

    Just focus on ur work, get it done perfectly as I know u do and kick the bitch’s ass out of this place.
    Cause u deserve ur position well, U worked so hard to get it and u go work for just work not for ” Mya3a w2let adb wfada” lke she do ..

    Anyway, Don’t blame urself for being straight and Direct, Cause U are right and they are wrong”wle mesh 3gbo w5bt raso fel7et”
    Simply like that ..

    I do really hope u are okay now and not feeling any guilt,

    Cheer up, Nothing really worth.

  3. Cinderella 25/09/2009 at 10:18 PM #

    @ Jessyz: well i got lost myself ! :)) yesterday was my first day at work since the accident,let me tell u ..i was so pressered and my manager asked me that if anyone did anything to me i would turn to him cause as he said (am the most talented in his dept. and he doesnt wanna lose me) .. rbna ystor :)

    @ Sleeping Spirit:you dont know how much your words made me feel alright ..bgd..as i was saying yesterday was my first working day since the accident and it was terrible.. my manager doesnt want me to stand for myself..and if anyone did anything to me i’d tell him and not reply back !!!!!!!! i told him that’s high school system and in my high school i was a popular girl and i never turned to a teacher in my life !! anyway .. my cousin have a theory since my manager told me that “am talented” that they are jealous..as much as i dont want to believe that..as much as am gonna play it cool and steady ..
    i wont let couple of mouths ruin my career i worked my butt off to get started with .. :)) thank u for the support girl..i really did needed that ..and no one around could get what i needed except you..
    thank u :)

  4. sleepingspirit 26/09/2009 at 12:54 AM #

    – Play it cool babe :–) , I like that , It is a British style and God knows how much I like these people ..
    God shall be with u cindy and u are welcome anytime.

  5. Cinderella 27/09/2009 at 11:07 AM #

    i am playing it cool at this very moment..i hope i wont explode soon ..

    meow !


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