First Day

27 Sep

greetings from the office ..

my first day at work since the accident..

i woke up at 5 am though i slept at 1:30 am ..i guess it’s anxiety thing..

i felt as if i am going to school for the first day..i bought my new set of copybook from “On the Run” with the quote that says :

نصحتك ما اتنصحت

والطبع فيك غالب

وديل الكلب لم يتعدل

لو حطوا فيه قالب

.. Noha my college passed by me .. all the way to work she kept me busy from the road by giving me all the news i missed..

i was the second employee to arrive ..though i arrived at 9 am.. and yet i am asked to come on time : ) but then again ..i keep telling myself  “am doing this for the right reasons” ..

My reasons are :

1 ) i need the experience so am going to buy the experience i need with the poor salary i get.

2 ) to be exposed to different contacts and different cultures.

3) prepare my material i will need for the future isA.

4) i love my job..the training talented in what i do .. so am enduring my awful work environment to practice my career.

5) i want .. no.. I WANT in the near future (as near as i can) to make mum relax .. i want her to i have to work hard ..

wish me wearing my cool mask..(not my fav. mask) but am breathing through the pain..

I love my job

i love my job

i love my job

i love my job

i love my job..

.. rbna ystor : ))


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