You Live You learn

17 Oct

this week was very fruitful since last Thursday..

1 October 2009 : i had one of the best conversation since a very long time with mum..she talked ! she cried..i listened..and for once it has nothing to do with me..she wanted to talk about herself..with no comments on me..or advice for that matter..

i felt like i am her best friend again !

4 October 2009: i did something that the old me wouldn’t have done it ..even if they are gonna pay me a million dollar and make me sing with Bryan Adams !

you remember I Gossiped post ? well Shadia was having her wedding on 16th October and Didn’t invite me .. (it was so sad,she sent invitation to everyone in the company but me..not because of the WEDDING but the fact she didn’t want me there) .. anyway .. i was standing beside Yousef when i found her searching and looking on the Face-book for make up artists and one in particular..accidentally that make up artist is one of my school friends !

so i collected every good energy in me ..

and i offered my help..when i first asked her if she needed anything about the make up ..she gave me a cold look that i think i got a cold bite .. then i mentioned that my friend is Dina .. her face changed and asked me to help..and so i did..

Dina was happy to hear from me..and was glad to do it for me..Dina normally would change 2500 for the bride ..but because the bride id my FRIEND she will do it for 1000 .. but on one condition that i would be there ! so i told her that I’ll give her the ride back and forth but she doesn’t have to say to Shadia ..

and they agreed and every thing is  fine !

i went home that day..feeling so exhausted and i cried my eyes out.. i Grew up ! i certainly did !

5 October 2009: Shadia invited me to her wedding..and apologized for not doing it earlier..

here is the surprise..when she was inviting me i cried ! and she came and hugged me and insisted that i would come and invited me for the outing after the wedding ..

i told myself hell NO .. am not going ..abdn..on my dead body..but then i realized ..


so i decided i would attend but only briefly !

12 October 2009 : our boss refused to give Shadia a pre wedding vacation cause she has a lot of work to do,so i volunteered to have her job transferred to me.. and he agreed .. so he gave her the vacation she asked for !

i reluctantly went up ..intending to enjoy my time by watching Dina doing the magic ! and i did..then it’s time for us to leave,Shadia asked me to stay and be with her and her best friend Nada to fluff her dress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought to myself..


so i excused myself,but Nada begged me to stay..

and so i did !

it’s an amazing feeling to be there for a bride ..

we did go and it felt awkward for me..i almost bowed out million times


yesterday after everything has finished,and Shadia thanked for the million times ..

before sleeping ..the three things that were on my mind :

1) am a good person el7amdolelalah

and Alanis Morissette – You Learn song


5 Responses to “You Live You learn”

  1. ibhog 17/10/2009 at 5:44 PM #

    you are a good person Cindy .. you really are.

    check my latest post to know .. :)

  2. Cinderella 17/10/2009 at 9:04 PM #

    i cried !

  3. ze2red 18/10/2009 at 6:42 AM #

    i’m falling in love cindy :)
    it’s great to force people to be better persons by starting with ur self first.

  4. sleepingspirit 19/10/2009 at 12:09 PM #

    – Cinderella you are absolutely adorable, You deserve the Best.

    AND I ADORE Alanis Morissette !!!

    “That I would be good” song, makes me feel floatinggggg
    with every word she say in the song , with the ending music with her float oh gosh I became speechless ..

    hmm, Back to u .. It feels damn right when you know that you are a good person and people loves u the way you are and yes we force people to respect and value us because we make our own personality by our own choices, so we deal with people and they observe the bright side in us and spontanously they rethink of the wrong impressions they got if they got a wrong one made because of some misunderstanding or because of some bad situation or something .. So go on my friend .. show ur bright side, your good one because thats you , You are a great lovely respected person ..

  5. Cinderella 24/10/2009 at 1:01 PM #

    @ Ze2red and Sleeping Spirit ..

    i couldn’t find words to reply back since you commented here girls :))

    meow :)

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