few points

1 Feb

well for starters .. Thank you !

i had like a million thoughts to write down about this post..and as my fingers started typing..letters vanished !

anyways.. i want to say something..all of the points hereunder are from personal experiences for the past 25 years .. with all kinds of relations (family,friends,love,colleges,neighbours .. etc) so as i said two rows before ..

Thank you all and thank you my family,best friends,my love !

i learnt the following  :

  1. appreciate

  2. appreciate

  3. appreciate

  4. and never take anything or anyone for granted !

  5. dont give in life’s routine..you are too young for that.. even if you are old .. seek inside you are young !

  6. stop nagging..yes you heard me stop nagging.. stop giving the wooden face (as we say it) stop it just stop it .. your beloved ones dont deserve that !

  7. love what you have .. with all your being!

  8. fight for it with every cell of your body and soul .. dont give up ! DONT !

  9. dont rely on other people’s experience..cause from my experience everyone is different..and every couple is different and every friendship is different..

  10. take the headlines from your best friends.. and best friends only .. the head lines of MEN AND WOMEN .. not of a certain man or a certain woman .. like for instance (caveman) true ..or women crying all the time oh yeah TRUE ..

  11. be flexible .. stop stiffing .. if other people around you wanted someone strict and stiff they would spend their times with their schools’ headmasters !

  12. know when to say what you want and how .. dont throw stones at people around you .. it hurts and it leaves a scar as well !

  13. you dont have to lose something to know its value.. you can imagine losing it !

  14. be understanding ..

  15. give space

  16. say (i love you ) as much as you can.. that’s one sentence always human beings want to hear.. and sometimes it is all what it takes !

  17. breath easily ..

  18. stay calm when someone around you is confused

  19. believe in you !

  20. believe in everyone you love ! they need that ! they WANT THAT !

  21. trust them

  22. smile from your heart..

  23. hug whenever you can .. when two bodies collide problems melt .. !

  24. cry in the arms of  a true person ! their existence will absorb your sorrow away !

  25. stay young ! ALWAYS YOUNG !

  26. compromise..

  27. PRAY .. PRAY .. PRAY

  28. when you are sad ..take it from me..dont listen to music..it will only make it worse .. 99% of the times anyway

  29. dont talk about your problems except to the closest people to your heart .. anyone else will talk depending on their personal experience , their personal background and it will end up hurting you even if they meant well !

  30. LOVE ..

  31. write down your happy moments and send it to the one causing it.. not only it will make them smile that you remember or the fact that they made you happy..but also some more days down the road when they read back your message,the effect will be magical !

  32. erase all your sad memories or messages from your mobile phone.. it will cut like a knife that never rust .. and will always hurt !

  33. HAVE FAITH .. no am sorry .. HAVE STRONG FAITH

  34. last but not least ..APPRECIATE


2 Responses to “few points”

  1. sleepingspirit 01/02/2010 at 11:42 PM #

    – Voltaire said; Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

    so one more time let’s again say A.P.P.R.E.C.I.A.T.E

  2. Cinderella 08/02/2010 at 9:16 PM #

    i really hope :)

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