I lost A Shoe ..

25 Mar

i lost my favorite shoe of my favorite pair

i lost it and without it i don’t know how to cruise ?

i lost it and i will not place an AD for it to come back home

although am sure the other shoe is feeling all alone ,

i lost my favorite shoe of my favorite pair

but seriously how come will i ask for it to come back

when it left on its choice and didn’t bother for the other pair even to whack?

but I’ll say this ..

the lost shoe has been through a lot ..

it had been abandoned,betrayed,screwed over and forgot !

it gave its all .. walked miles and hiked mountains ..

walked through shit .. walked through dirt ..and ve been drowned in fountains ..

i just wanna tell the shoe out there ..


we’ve been together for the past 25 years ..

we’ve been through scratches,scars and tears..

now you are leaving me and wandering away?

how will i function .. and who will i check on each day?

i lost my favorite shoe of my favorite pair

where will i go? and with who will i share ..

all the future failures,disappointments and despair?

i lost my favorite shoe of my favorite pair

im wearing my red socks with the big toe hole

without you my shoe .. the hole isn’t that small !

i lost my favorite shoe of my favorite pair

Look Shoe .. i know we’ve been promised a better tomorrow

i know !

a tomorrow with no pebbles in the streets

and all that we’ll meet will be oh so clean feet ..

but that didn’t happen .. right?

we’ve been smuggled .. torn ..and we’ve been called we are old .. out of fashion ..

and the lace  that’s wrapping around us .. is so flabby .. wrinkled and fat..

i lost my favorite shoe of my favorite pair..and that’s that !

we’ve been washed up,clean up and got oh so Sparky..

we walked the talk .. got a little hip in our style ..and we thought we are oh so funky ..

at night ..we dreamed of how our future will be ..when the pair comes together ..

and will walk with each other endlessly ..

but then ..

i lost my favorite shoe of my favorite pair

and am not gonna look around for you .. anywhere ..

look shoe ..

i expected a lot from you shoe ..

i hoped that you would have acted like any other  shoe will do ..

but what can i say shoe ..

at the end of the day ..

you’re a shoe shoe ..

i lost my favorite shoe of my favorite pair


4 Responses to “I lost A Shoe ..”

  1. deppy 25/03/2010 at 2:13 AM #

    oooooooooooooooooooooooh gamdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Well you’ll buy another new pair, another shiny, neat, colored, perfect pair, one pair that wont promise you the world, but will show you how to walk through it, will guide you and protect your holed socks, will wont feel any holes and makes you feel secure.

    you’ll be surprised how you managed to live your life without it, and how you fooled yourself into thinking that the old ruined shoe, you’ll be surprised with the fresh, lively change you would feel, you wont be missing this old shoe, not even think about it.

    let it be, it will know eventually that one old clumpy shoe can never work alone.

  2. Cinderella 25/03/2010 at 2:55 AM #

    am glad ya deppy you are here :D and the fact that you are commenting and rhyming and got the essence of the poem .. :)) all your wishes now for me is so over my head ..that i cant comprehend it’s even possible .. ah ya alby

    yet the thing is .. am referring to my heart that abandoned me in most of the poem anyway :))

    mwah thank you for waiting till it’s published to sleep .. :) that meant alot to me :))

  3. slpmartin 25/03/2010 at 6:58 AM #

    A very charming poem…there’s a great little children’s book called “I love my new shoes”…it as much fun as your poem…thanks for sharing it.

    • Cinderella 25/03/2010 at 2:46 PM #

      well am glad it’s a good book :)) that means great minds think alike (my god i cant believe i just said that.. am so cheesy)

      thank you :))

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