A Conversation and an unanswered question

20 Apr

Semsema : Sincerely love everyone, but always sleep with one eye open!

that was my friend’s status on Facebook ,and that was my answer :

Cinderella Nabil:..that for me is not a life i want to live
semsema: Cindy it’s not ur choice hun its life .u r the best one who must agree with this quote !
Cinderella Nabil:first .. ouch that did hurt ! second no i dont agree ya bent,Coz the life i want is when id sleep with both my eyes r closed and my heart is really at peace and secured ..im not gonna settle for less:) abdn

semsema: Cindy@ keep searching habibty

so what do you think?

do you agree with the quote?

cause for me .. i really cant live like that.. the fifty fifty chance that i might wake up in a completely different life is not okay by me ..

i dont float like that ! i just dont !

am either 100% in or 100% out ..

maybe that may sound for some people that i have some issues or something but that is me !

what is that kind of life that am sleeping with one eye open?

so where is the sense of security? the warmth of comfort?

what do you think?

am i a sitting duck or what?target for anything?

or am not alone and what am feeling is ok?

:)) share please ..

your thoughts are really important to me people


12 Responses to “A Conversation and an unanswered question”

  1. Batabeet 21/04/2010 at 12:44 PM #

    look dear…

    trusting someone 100% is a total waste of time and energy…

    the quote is true 100%… like “7arras mn sa7bak…”
    you give trust and push it… but once this trust is shaken you have to “e3raf sa7bak.. w 3alem 3alih”

    don’t trust 100%… people are BAD… sorry to say that

  2. Cinderella 22/04/2010 at 6:12 PM #

    but where is the love and the security ?
    and if so ..
    so when you really let your guards down ?

  3. deppy 22/04/2010 at 6:58 PM #

    Bossi Cinds, I know what you mean, we need security to go on, but what I think is better, is to never take anything/anyone for granted, that is for me “the one eye open”, nothing in life comes with 100% security, neither do us :)

  4. Cinderella 22/04/2010 at 7:15 PM #

    well what’s granted? what do you mean?
    doesnt granted means to cherish and now that person/thing value?
    so seriously again .. when do you make all your guards aside ..and let go?

    and the 100% security for me is more important than anything else .. i gurantee it for me ..but if the other half doesnt ..that’s major for me

  5. deppy 22/04/2010 at 9:22 PM #

    I mean EVERYTHING, nothing can ever be guaranteed, anything can go any minute, even our our lives (la kaddar alah).

    My point is, you CAN feel secure, cherished, or safe it’s all attainable, but you shouldn’t take any of those feelings for granted, not with family not with a husband, not with yourself, cause that’s the way life works :)

    And as for your question, I dont get what you mean exactly.

  6. Cinderella 23/04/2010 at 1:31 AM #

    I mean if all is not guaranteed ..if all may go in a minute , so when i can get my guards down,trust fully, be secured when i now it may go in a minute..am not talking about death ..

    at least death will take something you were once sure of .. but the living that’s hard ..

    when you trust and surrender and taken for granted and get deceived ..
    or even that you live with 50% chance that this person might betray you ..

    so when you dont put that 50%? cause i cant live with that hanging on my shoulder !

  7. deppy 24/04/2010 at 11:46 PM #

    you will know when to let your guards down, bas bardo, balash mwdo3 l 100% da :) khalehom 70~80 7elw? :P

  8. Cinderella 25/04/2010 at 3:20 AM #

    msh 3arfa bgd .. :)

    3la fkra 3qlyyn u have a point .. :)

  9. Mahmoud Hermes 17/05/2010 at 2:55 PM #

    bosi y sandy u r right 100 % precent and ur friend is right 100 % precent but the actualy thing is very hard to do what ur friend to do khsoasan el nas el haya zay hadretk w nas kater keda tayben w kwaisen and see life from grden i mean anhom shayfen en el 7ya feeha amel w 7ob w keda laken bardo matlob so the smart one who near to be cat sleep good but in the the same time open the 2 eyes w 2at el khater w daha need training gaber laken moryeh men 3yen waheda coz this mean he can give trust laken he is strong enough to fell el khater bas

    ana this is second day in my work w mosh sayeb ur blog wal aur mum wal alesa rana’s one w ala hata ur friend i am going to open it to discover :D

    • Cinderella 17/05/2010 at 10:12 PM #

      LOL :D
      well you gotta know that am glad you are enjoying your time here,and spread the blog around at work,wlw galy 3a2d 3shan anshor ketab hftkrk fel moqdma :D

      congrats. on your new job ya mahmoud,as for what you’re saying..life is hard ..but never that hard..at least if am getting closer to certain people am not gonna be like that..that’s too tiring and disappointing for me .. i need to know that when am with someone i can sleep with both my eyes closed and a smile on my face and in my heart ..

      that they love me .. and wont give up on me !

  10. Mahmoud Hermes 18/05/2010 at 6:55 AM #

    in love i can’t say to u thins , u can sleep wiz both eyes closed and heart , would be cruelr if i told u open ur eyes , but u should know from first may be thi sis not ur one so don’t be sad when u break up i mean sure u will but not long u should relaise it’s still have another chance and kamle bas

    for thebook i can make the design for u the book isa now i am going to read ur new note salam 3ashan mt3tlnesh and 3gabtni awi modo3 calendar coz thi shelp me to see nots easy

    • Cinderella 18/05/2010 at 8:53 AM #

      am glad that you are moving through my blog :D
      yaaay :D

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