Lessons Learned

6 Jun

Lessons Learned Before

  • Dont Allow anyone to get to you ! ” that’s pretty hard for me personally cause i let everyone gets to me easily “
  • When you go out with a couple NEVER be a third wheel not only cause it’s lonely nor because it’s sometimes weird but because you never know what will happen between them and you will be left alone at the end !
  • When you have a big day the following day stay home and focus cause you never know what will happen outside that will distract you from the following day.
  • Dont put high hopes on words power cause even though it takes days to write it down,huge amount of guts,sleepless nights , less than a second to be sent , the reaction can shock and awwww exactly the same if you wrote it in a minute .
  • Knowing yourself inside out , knowing your value inside out doesnt mean everyone will appreciate you .
  • Next time ,dont explain ,say the word and move on.
  • tame yourself not to be impressed,shocked,surprised nor overwhelmed.
  • No matter how hard you have tried to express yourself in all languages ,signs and numbers you know, if he’s not the one he wont get it,and if he’s the one he’ll get it from a look.
  • Most men are full-time selfish bastards.
  • that inner voice you have inside ,is there for a reason,respect it !
  • if you ever thought that ” You were different “ you are wrong ! YOU ARE SO WRONG ! you ” as in us ” were not different.. cause if “you” were then you wouldnt be apart smarty !
  • Always have change in your pocket , cause you might need to buy tissue from someone sitting beside you when you dont have any and your eyes and nose are running down the hill !
  • Dont expect ! PERIOD ! cause people who care will exceed your expectations before having any !
  • look gorgeous even if you feel like crap,cause looking like crap and feeling like one will end in suicide or at least a nervous breakdown when you first meet your reflection when you are out already !
  • Happy thoughts wont help,sad thoughts wont help,thoughts wont help,numbness wont help,sleeping wont help,insomniac wont help,laughing wont help,crying wont help,reading wont help,writing wont help,eating wont help,food deprivation wont help,cursing wont help,talking wont help,deciding wont help,indecisiveness wont help,selfishness wont help,sacrificing wont help,politeness wont help,rudeness wont help,reasoning wont help,emotions wont help,family wont help,friends wont help,enemies wont help,strangers wont help,denial wont help,reality wont help,rebounds wont help,getting back wont help,plans wont help,chaos wont help,begging wont help,pride wont help,obedience wont help,rebellion wont help,noise wont help,silence wont help,crowd wont help,loneliness wont help,cutting your hair wont help,highlighting your hair wont help..

nothing will help EVER

if it’s not meant to be !

and if the other person chose to move on..

as  it will take forever to wake an awake person cause he’s not sleeping in the first place !

  • reevaluate your thoughts,dreams,principals and lists every 3 months,dont wait till something drastic to happen to do so.
  • let it go ! you are holding only one end of the rope , so if the other end is let loose , let it go so your hand would be free for another rope to come along.
  • Pain cant be skipped .. live it so it would leave already.
  • Face your memories ,look them in the eye,escaping your memories will only cause a brutal haunt and you will be haunted down till you drop.
  • Dont take any one’s advice nor personal experience, listen to them , appreciate,evaluate and follow your own instinct.
  • there is no such thing called Pride between lovers but there is Dignity.
  • Be Graceful even in your ugly crying .
  • Be Merciful and dont hit people when they are down.
  • Be a man ( metaphorically) and dont slap someone whenever you get the chance just because you got the chance.
  • when you dont like it .. say it !
  • you dont need to impress anyone , be yourself that’s impressive enough these days !
  • Sad songs wont bring anything except sad feelings of abundance, humiliation, burnt dreams and hopes and plans for that matters,so dont do Sad songs specially not alone .. it gets worse !
  • STOP BEING TALKATIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dont ever think that others think,feel,endure or gives a damn like you do !
  • Dont keep a calendar to all the dates and beautiful memories cause that will be THE pain in the butt the following doomed year !
  • Always say ” i love you “ when you have the chance cause you might never have the chance again.
  • Dont Dwell .. ok who am i kidding !? TRY NOT TO DWELL !
  • when you have a conversation with your mum or dad and you’re so mad at them remember how they looked like when you were in pain ..
  • Friends are a blessing that i cherish .. specially pain in the butt friends,who will kick your butt if you screwed specially if the one being harmed is yourself.
  • DANCE ! even when you dont feel like it,even if your feet is swelling,your eyes are nearly closed from crying..even if you’ve just been broken..DANCE ..
  • Sit alone in your living room when everyone is sleeping,close the lights,open the window,enjoy the silence of the universe and SMILE !
  • write down all the angry feelings you have with every curse and bad word you know and then shred the paper ..
  • Appreciate your cat,specially if it’s like mine (memes) , she comes around and sleeps in my lap when am sad,crying, lonely,depressed, suppressed,down or slightly negative,as if she has super powers to suck all of that away,she’s the friend in need that gets rid of all these feelings for me .. for free !
  • and last but not least (i leave the best for last generally)

Pray !

Pray !

Pray !

Even if you’re sitting in your car semi-driving ,your mind has flew away,your heart has left , you dignity has been shot from a close range,your trust has been betrayed and you’re all alone,listening to fairoz ( za3ly tawl ana weyyak or 7abbo b3d tarko b3d) .. Pray .. close your eyes (cause they are already half closed from crying) for a split of a second and PRAY ..

i think i’ll come up with more points for me to add ..

i need this to read it over and over again when my memories fail to remind me of the pain i was in,

or when my heart tricks me into the games i dont wanna play anymore..

i’ll read this .. and toughen up and move on …


What i am to you is not what you're to me


11 Responses to “Lessons Learned”

  1. omar 06/06/2010 at 6:41 AM #

    god will help

    • Cinderella 06/06/2010 at 12:24 PM #

      yes so true Omar.. and that’s the most important point that’s why i ended the post with it :)

      Thank you for visiting and please come back again :)

  2. zekry 06/06/2010 at 9:35 AM #

    ana b3d kol ely 2areto da , I hope that I won’t hurt any girl , ana el 7amdolelallah I think eny lessa ma 3amlt-hash w law I did wana mesh wakhd baly fa I hope enha tesam7ny ( da in case en feeh wa7da ana gar7t-ha fe3lan :D ) plus I got hurt before so I know this terrible feeling fa ma atmnash eny akoon el sbab fe da

  3. deppy 06/06/2010 at 3:50 PM #

    LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!! print this out and hang it in your room, keep reading it over and over

    and, dont stop being talkative, that’s why you’re awesome mwaaah

    • Cinderella 07/06/2010 at 1:56 AM #

      see ?
      that’s why friends are beautiful they see (talkative) awesome :D
      i wont stop babez .. you’re there to push me around if i ever did stop :)
      and i’ll print it in BOLD :)

  4. jasmin 06/06/2010 at 6:37 PM #

    WOW this should be named The Art Of Moving On .. moving on is painful and letting go is fearful , ..i wanna ask you a q , what is the difference between Pride and Dignity? for me Pride is to stand up for yourself , never to give away your right , so? .. i agree with you that nothing helps m crying , sleeping, eating, insomnia ….etc , but you know? when it happens we just cling to any hope , hope is a sin sometimes .. i liked a lot (most men are full time bastards ) :)) true true , not all but most of them , fair enough :)!…it’s amazing post truly and thoroughly into the point .

    • Cinderella 07/06/2010 at 2:01 AM #

      awwwwwwww !
      i love the title !

      i suck at giving titles btw so you will help big time in the future ;)

      well i define pride is when i want something and am to arrogant to ask for it,or when i need someone and am too full of my self to ask them to be there..

      dignity is the opposite of humiliation for me..when someone humiliates me they are stepping and crushing my dignity and then respect wont be there between us ..

      Jasmin am so happy you came along my blog :) please dont stop there and continue coming back ..

      your words are so powerful PEOPLE :)

      :) thanks Jazz :)

  5. Ahmad 06/06/2010 at 7:08 PM #

    That was awesome, not how you feel but the way you put it and the way you see it.

    PUT high hopes on the words power, because sometimes the reaction can be shocking but other times it will be very appreciated

    NEVER ever tame yourself, because by doing so you’ll be taming your soul as well

    ALMOST all men are selfish bastards

    between lovers there is neither dignity nor pride, there are no boundaries, no specified lines, no rules

    BE more talkative than you are now

    Keep on dancing, I do that all the time even while am driving, dancing is a gift

    If I let myself say what I think of your thoughts, then this comment will be 3 times longer than your post

    • Cinderella 07/06/2010 at 1:58 AM #

      Ya Ahmad am so so happy you’re here,and the fact that i made you comment asasn :)

      cmon i want to read your points and your long comment..i wrote this post with every cell of my being is angry and at the same time at peace .. am serious .. :) tell me everything :) i’ll reply to your comment when you fully write every word you wanna say :)

  6. Ahmad 08/06/2010 at 4:38 PM #

    -Even if some don’t appreciate words, the effort you put into them, the guts it take to bring them out, am sure many others appreciate that. So you can put all hopes on words and never worry about the results, with every person being unappreciative there will be 10 appreciating it in silence.

    -Same thing goes for ‘appreciating you’ part, when we look around we always notice the loud noisy stuff, we never notice the peaceful silent ones. if you know your value, it means some already know it, some still figuring it out, and whole lots of people are on their way to do so.

    -taming yourself will only result in you acting like a robot, which i can tell you aren’t. let it all out and screw the ones not understanding it.

    -Most men are selfish-bastards, I totally agree with that, but it’s not because they are men, it’s because they are in a powerful position. I assure you if things were to be the other way around, girls won’t be that innocent.

    -“it will take forever to wake an awake person cause he’s not sleeping in the first place” I LOVE THAT, if only some can get its true meaning

    -what is pride and what is dignity? you think if there isn’t pride between lovers dignity will exist? how? if they are real lovers, then neither dignity nor pride will exist.

    -Sad songs are useless, if only there was a way to erase the concept of listening to sad songs when we’re down. take my word on this, don’t ever listen to sad songs.

    -NEVER STOP BEING TALKATIVE, actually if there is an advise to be given, it would be BE MORE TALKATIVE, i don’t know your reason behind that though but whatever it is, it is wrong! just talk more.

    -Others might be thinking and feeling more than you do sometimes, it just depends on your circle of people and whom involved in it, and always always be sure that the best is yet to come.

    -don’t “don’t dwell”, and don’t try not to dwell, dwell more, feel more, get happy more, get hurt more. that’s what it means to be alive.

    -Dancing is a bless, it’s one of the little free stuff God gave us to face all the crap we’re to face in our lives, dancing is a cure from a lot of bad things, dance in every mood, and dance everywhere to all kinda music.

    -That is called meditation, it’s a practice that not so many Egyptians are familiar with, and most of the “familiar with” ones make fun of it. I do it from time to time and it always alwayss makes me feel better

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