31rst Thought

28 Jun

today i had an amazing day ..

really BEAUTIFUL !

i did things i never did before ..

i shared stuff i never shared before ..

and i loved every second of it ..

today was special !

a day to remember .. !


i wrote this post almost 3 months ago..

and today i revisited it and i smiled ..

i smiled cause of JUST the last part :)

am a man’s happy dream,

am his sparkle of hope and light beam,

am the hug he will be yearning all day,

i’ll have the flowers he’ll buy on the month of may,

am the crane he will lean on when he’s old,

am the one he will care for when she’s cold,

am his serenity , peace and life,

am his lover,girlfriend,daughter,mother and wife,

i know i am ..

and for that i am smiling .. for HIM .. i am ! :)

actually today just was so peaceful that it made me just smile and remember this part :)


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