20 Jul

That’s a conversation went between me and Depps, its about relationships and why they’re getting screwed and ugly lately.

But beware beforehand, it’s pretty intense down there.

Cinds: If you are seeing someone, don’t ask for stuff that you cant afford to offer. and when you are cornered you say .. too much,too soon..too whatever .. ! that is for a fact ! cowardliness !

Me: I’ll add it’s selfishness and mere juvenile attitude!

Cinds: Well in my opinion .. relationships are not that hard if it’s right !

Me: How can they be right?

Cinds: Well it can be right when both of them accept the other the way they are.. they don’t want anything else except the mere joy of their company

Me: Umm, don’t you agree it has to be a little bit more than enjoying company?

Cinds: It’s right when each one of them would know for a fact what can cheer the other person up and would do it even if they hate it without feeling they are sacrificing
That .. actually this is very important ..nothing will EVER be misunderstood ever !
everything said or done is ALWAYS taken on the good intentions ! ..

That being coward or weak is with everyone and everything but not when it comes to the person he loves ! .. for instance some people might be losers.. and might be bumpers.. but when it comes to their other half they are killers and fighters..cause that is the only aspect in their life they are not gonna negotiate about, that they would really enjoy the silence for hours ..without feeling its awkward..

Me: Let me stop you here sandy, and that indicate what exactly?

Cinds: That indicates that it’s right !
case ya Marwa life is a bitch enough, so when it comes to my other half shouldn’t be as bitchy

Me: I guess we better stay away from losers

Cinds: from losers.. cowards.. liars..

Me: noted!

Cinds: Other reason in my opinion is that each person has their own private agenda .. whether it was lust,money,company,rebound,attention or even just for kicks ! .. no one is honest .. and when you are honest and you’re out there you’re being judged to be “overly” exposing yourself ! .. i believe hidden agendas screw things up big time .. plus men stopped being men .. and so consequently women stopped being women !

Me: I believe in total exposing too when it comes to relationships, even if it’ll hurt a little bit at first, but at least you were honest.

Cinds: well the thing is .. people mix between being honest ..and being irresponsible
they will act like jackasses ..and when you come and face them with the reality and how they are hurting you..they will be like .. at least am honest ! no this is not honesty ..this is being a jackass

Me: Guys seem to have a part time jobs being asses. I told you before, l nas ba2et we7sha awi, and you better sleep with half eyes open

Cinds: .. it hurts me to admit that you’re right actually!
Yet again.. at the end of the day..I chose wrongly I wrongly chose the poeple I grant them my trust !
But the beautiful thing is ..I also know how much they are missing out ! .. am the IT girl ! el7amdolelah

Me: Yes you are!!
And that is one hell of a reason actually, you deserve better!
And its ok to get blinded by attraction or whatever, but the trick here is to play safe, for your own sake

Cinds: but is playing it safe is really living? no i’d rather not play it at all..

Me: No it’s not what i meant, dont repeat my stupid mistake, by playing safe I meant to take enough time to know the person right in front of you, to know if you both fit, to know if he’ll deserve your trust, take your time before letting your gaurds down

Cinds: Well i assume if you’re keen enough on that person .. if you’re not then you’re having good time and enjoying the attention..for you he’s just a .. ” tool ” ..
So it’s up to us to decide what we want before getting envovled .. messing around or getting serious, and that’s again the part of hidden agenda i was talking about

Me: yeah, you’re right.
Also, you better watch out for the signs, they’re always there, we however, chose to ignore them.
You’re smart enough to know what i mean, you know, we have our sensors
gatna waksa

Cinds: OMG ! YEAH ! ..

Well .. i play stupid most of the time.

Actually I can tell if the person in front of me is lying..and actually I’d have proofs of thier lies.. and I’d ask them if they had lied to me and they would deny it although I know they did lie to me.. and I discard it and move along actually ” play along ” with it ..
that’s called stupidity by choice .. right?

Me: Yeah!
Sorry to say that

Cinds: Yeah .. it is sorry to hear that

Me:But face it!
What was the reasons for you to play along?
Was it worth it?

Cinds: The reasons of me playing around is actually the curiosity where it will go !
And if it was worth it .. HELL NO it wasnt ..I had more expectations actually

Me: More expectations along with the lies? da esmo eh da?

Cinds: Yeah .. I thought I’d see more adventurous.. or something..but it turned out to be just .. lies !

Me: Finding a real man is getting harder these days, no?

Cinds: Hell yeah!! in fact I’d like to say to those who’re easy catches, dont depend on your ID to prove that you are a male, or the fact that you can grow some beard.. be a man .. be a man enough ..act like a man .. see what real men do .. and be like them.. and know that everything EVERYTHING you do to other girls will be repayed back to you in any form and to any girl that is related to you ! so be a man or start wearing a scarf on your head and we will start calling you Lucy!


4 Responses to “Cliche”

  1. Karim 20/07/2010 at 11:33 PM #

    Nice post. But it is a solution-less problem :)

    • Cinderella 21/07/2010 at 2:48 PM #

      actually it is with a solution :)
      and thank you :)

  2. Karim 21/07/2010 at 3:18 PM #

    Not sure what is the solution?

    • Cinderella 21/07/2010 at 4:18 PM #

      men to be men ..
      so that women can be women ..

      people would stop leading other people on ..
      and start being honest :)

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