I Know Am Not Good When I Dream Constantly .. On Nightly Basis !

5 Aug

so the past week ive been dreaming intensely about people i don’t want to see ever in my life again..and yet i do dream about them ..

why is that?

i really don’t know ..

but all i know is ..because of these dreams today i cant sleep .. as if my mind is taking a stand against  dreams .. unwanted dreams .. of people uninvited to my mind..

but then again..i dreamed of strange people…people i knew and met for few times .. or on a hurry..or never talked to before..or even said hi to !

i actually told one of them that i had a dream about him,he laughed and told me ” am every girl’s dream anyway” so i laughed right back at him .. actually couldn’t stop laughing !  not because the guy is bad or ugly or anything ( cause he’s not in a million years.. ) but because of the self confidence he speaks with.. you gotta admire it even if you don’t agree with him :D .. anyway .. it’s like a rule to me..when i dream about someone..i tell them.. but this time..i wont ! i just dont want to actually consider talking to them .. to the uninvited visitors i mean ..

i know am not good when i dream constantly ..on nightly basis !

i sometimes miss my dreamless nights..

cause that’s when my heart is comfort and safe ..

i know myself so well that i resent it sometimes !

since i was a kid and dreams played a big role in my life ..

not only cause it might affect one of my decisions but also for a hidden reason ( for me ) my dreams always always played the warning bells for upcoming unfortunate events !

Since January the 16th 2010 and dreams played a bigger part in my life than usual.. before major incidents occur i would dream about them .. word for word but instead of words .. acts !

for instance i dreamed once that i was driving in a pitch black night and no what so ever beam of light existed..and i was driving on a high way and the cars next to me didn’t have any light and i didn’t have any light.. i stopped and tried calling someone to help me but they didn’t pick up and their grandma did ! telling me that they went to the hospital with their grandpa ! to wake up and actually find them in the hospital with their grand pa .. and the driving in the pitch black happened later :)

and that kept on happening .. ( the dreaming )

dear me..
please sleep,
dear sleep..
please be dreamless,
dear dreams..
please be nice to me..
night is all i have ..
dont take that away !



6 Responses to “I Know Am Not Good When I Dream Constantly .. On Nightly Basis !”

  1. jasmin 07/08/2010 at 11:34 PM #

    dreams be merciful to me :)
    sometimes you find sloutions through dreams , sometimes you see ppl you miss thru a dream ..if your dreams obeyed you and stopped you’ll miss them terribly coz believe me having them with agony is much better than losing them thouroughly….
    so i wish you sweet merciful obeydent dreams.

  2. Batabeet 09/08/2010 at 12:39 PM #

    I hate it when i have a dream and it changed my whole day.. sometimes extends for more

    i hate when i dream of people that I really wanna forget…


    • Cinderella 10/08/2010 at 11:34 PM #

      at this point and time ..
      what is the action that could be done?
      cause am not calling them and telling them i dreamt about you !
      and in the same time i wanna call them and curse the hell out of them ..

      DAMN IT !

  3. Hebba 14/08/2010 at 1:54 AM #

    i know the feeling.
    i have been dreaming of someone i dont want back in my life too.
    but i didnt call him, for this would be as 7omarah as putting my finger in a burning flame :)
    ignore it, cindy. just dont think about it.

    • Cinderella 14/08/2010 at 4:18 AM #

      you know that a friend told me if you ignored it you will keep dreaming about this person?
      cause it’s like when our mind is trying to reject or ignore a certain idea it floats in our dreams and we have no control over it .. !!

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