My Little Imaginary Baby Girl

22 Aug

i can say clearly that this is like the only girl that made me really wanna get married and have kids.. and to be just like her..if any different i’ll be asking for the swapping option ..

I want everything in her and actually it’s available (from my genetic side) .. ( so help me God from the other genetic side ) :

  • the hair  – check
  • the big gogo eyes – check
  • long eye lashes – check
  • the fluffy cheeks – check
  • the 360 circle face – check
  • the rabbit-ey nose – check
  • Crazy Imagination – check
  • even the same passion for Tiger – check
  • She is duck with numbers – check
  • She loves Candy – check

The only child that made me actually wanna get married in the first place and have a baby girl for my own !

and for me this is like .. the first time



2 Responses to “My Little Imaginary Baby Girl”

  1. Hebba 23/08/2010 at 12:59 AM #

    allah ya cindy.
    she is adorable :))))
    i used to prefer baby girls to baby boys, but since i had my nephew – 2 months old – i grow fond of baby boys too. they are so cutie, especially when he is blackmailing me wiht his eyes to hold him :))))

    • Cinderella 23/08/2010 at 11:53 AM #

      ya 7enni !!

      well the thing is im not that keen on children at all !!
      so for that to happen it is something .. new to me lol :))

      rabena y7’leelk your nephew w yst3’lk kman w kman :D

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