She And Me (5)

2 Oct

Part 1 / Part 2 /Part 3 / Part 4

Me: I miss you like crazy girl .. HOW ARE YOU? did you change your number or what?

She: I miss you too .. am good as always .. and no i didnt change my number .. how are you?

Me: am fine i guess .. my life is brilliant !

She: good for you !

Me : why your voice is happy? tell me your secret !

She: nothing i guess .. i killed something big in me !

Me: killed? and happy? what did you kill ? him?

She: Noooo ! the best revenge is to keep him alive so Karma would come and bite him in the ass .. actually i killed hope .. i killed every single thread of hope in me !

Me: and you are happy about it? why so? i can totally understand if you killed..fake hope.. delusional hope .. unrealistic hope..but to kill hope as in …

She: (interrupting ) the fact that the word “hope” is in the same sentence beside any other description of the word to me is pathetic .. fake hope is as same for me as real realistic hope ..all pathetic !

Me: how is that?

She: well i came to realize that hope stands for the following :






and so i decided to kill the so called “Emptiness” that people are so happy about cause am not !

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