Each Month Of Every Year

30 Nov

January / February / March / April / May / June / July /

August / September / October

well i’ve decided that at end of each month ,ill list down all the posts that were posted on that month that year and that month the year before and before .. so i can keep track of all the events that happen to my life and the changes ..and the impact am left with :)
let us begin from old to new :
November 2007 :
  1. Wasted
  2. A Question

November 2008:

  1. I wish
  2. Breath
  3. Happy On MyOwn
  4. Our Eyes
  5. My Very Own Bucket List
  6. كف عن النظر الي

November 2009:

  1. Islam Died
  2. Only If Death was known !

November 2010:

  1. My Former Boss
  2. She And Me (7)
  3. No More Dreaming Like A Girl so in love with the wrong world
  4. Chances Are ..


3 Responses to “Each Month Of Every Year”

  1. Batabeet 15/12/2010 at 1:58 PM #

    ummmm i told u i’m gonna try this and i did

    I made my post for last September…. I read it… got depressed… spoilt the diet…. gained like 15 kilos ever since :D

    why did I had to start it at September :D

    2008… F*** U ! :D (mesh lay2a 3lia el astrix sa7 ? ? )

    • Cinderella 15/12/2010 at 11:50 PM #

      hahahahaa ah bsra7a !
      w b3den dh ana shelt el Astrix mn qamoosy 3shan enti 2olteeli (curse woman curse) :D

      Batabeet i have to ask ..
      does the pain get any better by time?

  2. Batabeet 16/12/2010 at 9:37 AM #

    yeaaah baby I swear it gets better.. not better… it gets funny :D

    I mean u will look back someday and laugh :D

    it will leave a tiny tiny scar that is hardly visible… u might only feel a lil bit sad when you “can even” see it… but you will feel empowered… you won’t regret… u will only feel that u’re thankful that it didn’t go on… u deserve better

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