She And Me (9)

14 Jan

Part 1 Part 2 /Part 3 Part 4 /Part 5 Part 6/ Part 7 / Part 8


Me: Heyyy .. who’s he? since when? cmon spill the beans !

She: well (looking at him) .. he is He :)

Me: You are glowing girl .. iLike!

She: well iLike as well .. i wanna ask you something

Me: Shoot !

She: is it ok to do something i used to do before? i really wanna d a lot of things and afraid that it might be “too late” for me to do it!

Me: hell NO ! you will be doing them cause you want to .. cause you feel like doing so ,and not because you want to repeat the faliure or anything ..

She: good cause i think i just might did something i used to do before

Me: what is it?

She: i fell in love !

Sweet Disposition



2 Responses to “She And Me (9)”

  1. Safa Harak 14/01/2011 at 8:07 PM #

    Only because it’s not appropriate to share it now ( due to what’s happening at Tunis ), i won’t
    But iLike =D

    • Cinderella 14/01/2011 at 11:47 PM #

      thank you so much Safa :)
      am happy you did like it 3la fkra \o/ \o/

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