Don’t wait up!

20 Apr

 “Guys are so mellowed and laid back and girls are edgy and sitting on a pillow of pins”

Does that sound familiar?

  • How many times you have been staring at your phone waiting for that personalized ringtone to ring?And how many times did it ring when you are holding it?
  • How many times you stayed up at night waiting for him to come/go back home?And how many times did he come early because you are waiting?

                    Think of it this way, No matter how hard you’re staring at the phone, Waiting up at night, He won’t just call or come earlier! Men are known for their “laid back” attitude, the “wait and see”, the “you don’t need to worry am fine/kids are fine/Japan is fine” till something actually happens and then they start responding,

                    On the other hand women start worrying about every little thing and every little possibility that might actually happen, so you will find mothers/girlfriends/wives wait for the other person “who’s most of the time a male” to give a hint that everything is okay , which rarely happens from the other side unless there was constant nagging from the first side.

                   Men ask “what should we do to make you more relaxed?”

  • Simply keep us updated!
  • Simply don’t keep us in the shadows!
  • Simply don’t wait for us to start asking so you’d start answering!
  • Have a little mercy on our souls/hearts and minds!

          As for you ladies, take whatever they are having, I know it’s hard and God is my witness I’ve tried “and still am “to be more mellow than usual and be more like them in terms of enjoying each minute of the hour and savor the current events till it changes, or even “not call you cause I know you will be home soon already”

          Some techniques that will help you out as well is:

  • try to cut your caffeine intakes for instance,
  • jog or walk a little with some “positive energy” music playing in your ear (so forget about Adele/john Mayer and all these heart breakers singers) ,
  • have a large social network and preferable if you have more than one circle so you’d meet new people regularly .

           I’ve decided to try that specially after knowing that worrying causes the following (suppression of the immune system, digestive disorders, muscle tension, short-term memory loss and heart attack) and most importantly will cause wrinkles way faster than usual (as if my gorgeousness will ever be affected)

           So think about it this way, whenever you’re waiting stand up, say it loudly “am not going to wait up “ and personal advice give your mobile to your best friend so you’d stop checking it for missed calls (yes I know the tricks)

          And just remember as a very good friend of mine just told me “Men are different from women, it’s a simple fact, don’t try to change them and don’t let them try to change you, we have to learn to coexist. Otherwise we are screwed”


9 Responses to “Don’t wait up!”

  1. صفا حرك 20/04/2011 at 2:08 PM #

    Jojoo, as long as i was reading, kept remembering the “men from Mars & women from Venus” book, and how i used to think that it’s so axiomatic but true as well !
    anyway, ur solutions are more practical than “call him and tell him to bla bla bla” or “the next time u see him u have to bla bla bla…” =D

    I like it !

    • Cinderella 20/04/2011 at 2:13 PM #

      Soofa =D thank you! well ive tried the other two .. by the end of these convos you feel more like a burden !

      so even if you chose to “bla bla” have some assisting tools like the one mentioned ,you know?just to keep the floating =D

      and keep on coming back pweaze!

  2. deppy 20/04/2011 at 2:35 PM #

    I like those tips. But then again I’d say it’s our nature to get a hold of this stupid trait. And let me tell you, the older you grow the more it’s easier for you to get over it, or to ignore it for a bit, but it’d still be there.

    And el waksa, some dudes wouldn’t do/say just because girls asked them to, ego l snen ya3ni!

    Welcome back, fellow blogger =)

  3. deppy 20/04/2011 at 2:57 PM #

    ohh and please add to your tips list, for the girls to get a damn life. It all happens at worst when she let her life outlines be shaped by a dude!

  4. gjoez 21/04/2011 at 9:56 AM #

    I believe it is ALL about the girl having a life, and not expecting too freaking much attention from the guy. Believe me, if the guy starts having his world revolving absolutely around your calls and your meet-ups, you would start to think of him as less of a man.

    It is not about not drinking coffee and walk around as a “distraction”. It is basically about having a balanced life where instead of asking him to give you attention, you give attention to yourself!

  5. ze2red 21/04/2011 at 11:59 AM #

    Oh my, I’m starting to think I’m more of a guy not a girl. I gave my parents a hard time last week saying please don’t wait up, nothing will happen, I’m fine.

    I’m with G and Dep, girls for sure need to get a life, a balanced one and enjoy it to the max like guys do.

  6. Cinderella 21/04/2011 at 3:49 PM #

    actually .. most girls would do that ,even if they have a life ! it has nothing to do with having a life “and that’s first hand experience” it’s about character sweetie,

    not because ya Gee you are a typical gemini you expect others to be so too =D


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