Just Rambling

20 May

ive learned the hard way not to hold on to anyone in my life ..

that’s why letting go of people is rather easier for me than making my morning coffee,

i stopped getting used and depending on pillars “people”  around , no one is a pillar for me .. not anymore anyway,

dont get me wrong it’s rather makes life “easier” , everyone is replaceable .. 

for me to have that someone that is “never to let go” process is hard now,


i didnt love anyone that much again!… yet

and surely i wont trust anyone that much EVER AGAIN!


i mended broken bridges ..

some burnt thier ends and refused !

others welcomed me back with open arms ..

and am gratueful just for even trying .. i never had the courage to do so before

so , am grateful!


i know couple of things though

i live everyday one at a time,

i tweet #LikeAboss ,

i didnt love anyone like i loved before,

friends are beautiful gifts .. just sometimes gifts “want” to be swapped .. so am flexible like that,

i work to live and not live to work,

el fajr prayer is one of the most beautiful serene acts that anyone should be doing,

all these days since #jan25 are just a confirmation for my love to Egypt,

some songs must be labelled “for Cinderella”

and last but not least

perfect jeans makes everything else look pretty! 


2 Responses to “Just Rambling”

  1. Mahmoud 22/05/2011 at 9:57 AM #


    • Cind 05/12/2011 at 5:14 PM #

      oh! i just saw ur comment :) thank you!

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