And He Said…

26 Feb

And he said am the sugar to his tea

and am the sweetest sweet-potato in history, 


He said he can see right through me

and yet in a weird way am his biggest long quest mystery,


i’d kill the messenger and leave his body behind

if his news were cruel

or his ways were unkind,


And that am a savage

nearly an animal

or a bobcat on two feet,

yet am fragile

and most “handle with care” girl he will ever meet,


and he laughed saying that am his first and last cigarette

and yet ill be the death of him!

down to the last shiver of his spine

he knows to his life am a threat!


am the brush of the color indigo

and as sad as the story will flow

he cant seem to let me go,


and then he sighed..

paused for a while

and he looked at me,

whispered in my ear

with words that made

my heart tremble

my feet stumble

and all my walls…calmly retreat!

tarot the fool

remind me..who's the fool again?


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    By Cinderella.

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