Lifeless Bones

6 Nov
I cant convince you to be strong if you chose to bury yourself on the terms of “it’s easier”
i cant scream at you and pray to god you are listening if you chose to be deaf
and i certainly cant make you believe you are strong,if you think of yourself as few bones and a breath-in breath-out creature,
but i can tell you this,
if you didnt love me with passion and urge enough to make me stay forever,
then never is my answer,
life is too short to waste on dwelling and hoping you will feel my sighs,
i have a lot of languages to learn,
dances to do,
falls to fall
and people to know!
i just wished you would be around to share this with me..
but i wont allow you to break me,
to make me,
like you..
lifeless bones..

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