The Wait

17 Nov
i always seem to run away from nightmares,
monsters and shadows
pain and misery
heartache and loneliness
Tahrir and death
zombies and death-eaters,
some I faced and conquered and some not yet..
my dreams and nightmares are so vivid and as far as am concerned they are true,
I cry in my dreams to wake up on tears,
I scream in a nightmare that its echo,in my room would scare me,
I run from bullets as fast as I can to wake up painting and thirsty,
I fall from the highest building to wake up on painful bones and bruises,
and when it comes to monsters, I always run on a slow motion and I wake up disappointed in my lack of ability to survive,
I knew ill fall for a man like you few years back when I had my “light”
dream – yes that’s what I call you when am mad at you –
I fell in love with you in a dream,to wake up answering your question with a “Yes”
all I know is,
am tired of AlWAYS waking up cold and alone,
I’ve already chosen to sink in your arms and be comfortably,willingly,safely
and happily numb,
the Await..
is long my love..

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