Beast Of Reality

9 Sep

How do you tell someone that they have to stop dreaming because simply they cant afford it?

you cant simply sit someone down, 

smile.. and shutter their heart by saying those few words

“I’m Sorry, but you can’t seem to afford it”


reality is a monster that when we were kids they never said anything about it except “You will wish you remained a kid”

they never say why or how..


how do you tell someone that most likely because of the place where you were born you are entitled to only breath,

nothing more, any dream or plan you have for the future you have to swallow it down and speak of it no more.


I believe am willing to set my dreams aside for a while for the sole purpose of having a dear one of mine to have their dream reach up the well to reality..

i cant let the world break his heart like it once broke mine.

i cant let the world make him grow old when his young soul is still breathing.


and i know this, 

i wont let my kids suffer because of their nationality..

P.S: Mostafa Kamel, if you can read this; being Egyptian kills you.. and you are most welcome to come back to life and relive it, relive it NOW as a 17 years old boy in a middle class family in this economy.


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