Small Square

18 Sep

He looked at his watch and he decided to start counting in his own way, challenging and betting himself..

“okay she will side-glance me before i blink” 

“She will be here before that white car hits the breaks”

” She will call before i kill off my coffee”

“I’ll bump into her before I finish up that book” 

“If I didn’t hear her name in the next two days, ill send her an email” 

“I’ll meet her before the summer ends” 


but his eyes begged for a blink a thousand times,

The car hits the breaks and disappear,

He finishes his third cup and the mobile didnt say a word,

The page before the last in the orpaned-book is dog-eared for a while now,

The “Sent” folder is full,

And here we are at the beginning of Autumn; as it is unpacking its leaves to run freely in our longing veins.


He decided to ignore the fact that she’s gone,

He decided to believe she will be here,

She will come up from behind,

blind his eyes with her tender hands,

and whisper their ultimate secret in his right ear..


He decided she didn’t move on

She is still like him in their own square..

of our black&white endless squared earth



black and white


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