Wall-less Prison

21 Nov
and i sat there in-front of your words,
couldn’t recognize which hurts more; the fact that you had the heart to write them down, or the fact that you feel them.
your handwriting is as steady as a flat line in a heart monitor,not a twitch, not a crossed word.
i don’t care if your mind thinks we are a misfit and in your perfect world we need not to be so.
i don’t mind being a misfit, always was and always will be.
tormenting each other with one another is my new addiction, and being high on pain is worse kind of addiction.
am dwelling with the pleasure of being in a lost cause love with you.
and i don’t care how unhealthy the shadow you left behind in my life is,
your toxic shadow is far more welcomed than a healthy sunshine.
so walk away as far as you want, in your heart am prisoned forever with a no-key lock.



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