Waiting Wrecks

22 Nov

how do you recognize wrecks?

when the slap of time is left on such soul; whether it was a piece of wood, a surface of still water or a skeleton in the shape of human,
when the despair of patience; laughs at your stupidity that you are still in hope,
Waiting for happiness
waiting for him to say something
waiting for her to live longer
waiting, for the purpose of the-might be-
but for me; worst kinds of waiting,
is endless, meaningless, hopeless waiting
waiting for a stranger to have the courtesy; and stop consuming your life alive.
my problem is; im not patient enough for all of this to happen,
i leave.
if you dared to die,
if you dared to make me wait,
if you dared to leave,
ill walk away if i saw the intention or the thought crosses your mind
ill not let you break me, 
the wrecks around me is a shield up mechanism;you see?

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