1st Of September Love Manifestation 

1 Sep

I used to tell my friends, if it happens and you fall in love with someone kind, young souled and poses a beautiful heart. Don’t let go of them, you just found yourself a healer, a safe-haven, a life time happiness timeless capsule.

I never thought that i’ll be so lucky to find you!

The cosmic plan for us to meet is inexplicably astonishing! 

The timing, the place, the way and the happenings around all that!

Although you and i are so much different, we are so much alike!

Although you and i are so far, we are so close!

And yet we did run into each other, and unlikely intertwined!


When you and i talk – without pickering- about human beings and relations. And i show you the difference between a want and a need.

I see some worry in your eyes when i tell you that I want you. Everyday i choose you because i want you not need you.

Honey, i believe you misunderstood me. Not only do i want you, but also i need you. My soul calls for you. My hand aches if it is not in yours, my eyes are lost if you are not around, my heart trembles of the thought of losing you. All that, and i still CHOOSE YOU. every day i choose you. Every time we meet up after few hours or few days i choose you.


I want to take this chance that my heart is on a roll and tell you – i wish i can cut my heart open so you can see my love through- i love you and i am so god damn lucky to have you as my beautiful husband, lover, get to know friend and above all partner in crime.


Like i always tell you – and maybe i should say it more- it is you and me against the world baby!

Thank you for being the man that i fell in love with when we first met. Thank you for being the man you are now, and thank you for being the man you will be! 

As life evolves, you and i do too! And every toss and turn, i learn from you something new. 


Happy birthday حبيبي. No matter how i can express myself better in english. You are حبيبي. Thats the only word that can beautifully wholeheartedly describe you.

بحبك :)



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