Initially, Let Go

2 Sep

I find it easy to let go.How hard is that?

I do find it easy to let go.

You ask me, let go of what exactly?

Well, I easily let go of jobs, books, objects, colleges, friends and finally family.


Ever since I was a kid I learned not to wrap my heart around anyone or anything. And I was living fine with this concept. Then few years back I didn’t go by that rule and suffered immensely.

And it changed me!

I have to say that it changed me for good and for bad. But the one thing I got back to was: easily letting go rule.


Now, as I just became 31 years old. Living away from home. Letting people know that I easily let go is actually funny.

At first they think you are bluffing, lying or not that strong

Then they see me in action with other people letting go of them as easily as paying for my coffee.

And they still don’t get it for some reason

Then it happens to them! And voila! They are let go!


I’ve always did this mathematical equation in my life.

Actually two mathematical equations.

1) Every person no matter how close. And I mean it no matter how close has exactly 2 chances with me that I allow them to get close enough that they have access to me. If they did wrong me in any way starting from trivial to critical, these two times I don’t give them a third time.

2) Every relationship is actually a 100%. If you gave 30% then you will receive a 70%. And if you gave 60% then you will receive only 40%. So, it’s only fair to give 50% and receive 50%. And in those 50% you are giving your all. But the effort is divided 50% 50%. Now, if it happens that I felt for a while am giving more than that and what I receive is resentment, anger, back-talking or any of these moronic childish vibes. I retract myself automatically.


Now, how do I feel afterwards?

To be honest. It varies. But not so much.

I won’t cry for a person. I haven’t cry over a person in so many years.

I’ll just feel sorry for my time, effort and feelings invested and wasted.

Why am I writing this?

As I said. Living away meaning meeting new people every once in a while. And letting go of them makes me go through the whole process over and over again. And each and every time I know I am doing the right decision of letting people go.


And now, since am into Emotional Intelligence I can say that what I’m writing is related to it somehow. Since you can only control your actions, and you can never control other people’s actions, intentions or feelings.

And that’s why I control mine by letting go!


How do I do it?

You know when you open your car’s door, get out, leave something on the roof of it, forget it and when you drive it just fells off and you completely forget it?

That’s exactly how I mentally do it.

I leave them out and drive away.


Do I look back in the mirror?

Not so much. And when I do it’s because of noble reasons. But I do that after I nothing them


You might think of me as sick or cruel. But believe me the art of letting go is one of the best remedy in the world to get over disappointments, vulnerability that wasn’t in the right place, misplaced trust and fake friendship or when it comes to worst a heartbreak.


Teach yourself how to let go now better than you will have gulp it down by force when sky starts falling in your world.



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