Foggy Glasses

5 Sep

I leave my glasses a bit foggy intentionally.Please, don’t try to polish them clean.

I’ve learnt that sometimes staying in the gloom is healthy for you.


You grow up to grasp the thought of grey, is what’s needed for your adult life to be healthy.

For instance, Black and white is working in a job you love.

Grey is the idea to be around people you don’t like but you interact with respect to.

Pre-adulthood, if you did reply to a person you dont like in a respectful way then you are shifty.

And i got the education needed in this area to know thats not true.

You dont have to fancy everyone you deal with.

You get to learn to deal with everyone and give privilege to those who deserve to be trusted.

I leave my glasses a bit foggy to let some incidents slide.

As if i wasnt bothered,

As if the lady – as if- sitting in the back-row of the movie theatre didn’t keep shaking the popcorn for over than a minute near my ears just to irritate me because i told her at the beginning of the movie if she could keep it down. Yet, a few years back I would have grabbed that popcorn and made a scene out of it.- and so help me god i had to be put effort not to do so-

Ill keep my glasses foggy

For all the times the details slipped your mind,

Or for the words that slipped your tongue and hit me hard.

Ill keep it foggy

Better than to keep whats beneath the glasses teary

Ill keep it foggy

Like my expectations

Ill keep my glasses foggy

But not my vision



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