Life 101

4 Oct

كم كذبنا حين قلنا، نحن استثناء – محمود درويش

You always think because you are exceptional as a person that you will be the exception for every day life rule.

It starts since we are kids. Movies, songs and stories all revovle around how at the end the story twisted to make the hero/heroine of the story the exception.

We grow up with mums and dads telling us your sister/brother is the life time friend you can rest assured you will always have. You know that deep inside and you believe it. You notice around you that not all sisters and brothers are so.You Keep   telling yourself we are the exception, we have been through a lot together. It cant be! Then you grow up and you know that actually no. Thats not the case. Once you are away for a while, you are as good as dead. You are the rule not the exception.

So, as kids we believe our parents are the exception they will never get divorced, then you start seeing, hearing, feeling through the dark room whats happening outside. You start seeing bags being packed. Big family angry get-togethers which the adults didnt bring their kids in. You start being pulled away in all directions, and you still believe it cant be. They are the exception. Their love was exceptional. How could it be? Then it is official. And you grow older by the minute. Because your mama told you. You are no longer a child and you need to take care of your younger sisters/brother.

And that we will go to school and everyone will like us. Because that what happens good kids have lots of friends. We get older and we believe our friendship is the one that will last. And we keep telling ourselves as each friendship ends, this one will last. It gotta be this one! Then you end up being as old as time with nothing to do but wait for death to knock on your door. And no friend is seen except in the funeral and by that time, everyone dwells. Why weren’t that person exception? 

Going back to being young, you listen to all of these songs, all of these books, all of these poems and you know. You will be the exception when it comes to love. He will fight for me. Or she will wait for me. Then you get to learn the steep way that you will fall and no one there to catch you. Your Shattered heart will learn the hard way. You are not the exception you are the rule!

You believe you will bethe  exception, the education you and the other 40 girls in school are getting will make you in specific exceptional. You will write a heavenly poem that will change history, you will come up with a theory that will make your name in books. The Cinderella Theory. Girls will be looking up to you. You are the exception of a lazy education system. And you finish college and you realize you are just a number. You are the rule. Your name will be in books only if those books were a fairytale story. And you are a prisoner in which someone else saves you.

You move away from that piece of land you call home. You think that life will be put on pause for all the people you have met. It gotta be! Because who else will be there! It is not like you died or something! But Then you realize not only did life continue but they also replace you. And not only do they replace you, they tend to actually forget you. Then it hits you. You are the rule. Walk in the land on the dead like the rest of the rule my friend. You are not the exception. 

You get married. And you believe you are the exception to the rule. Your house will be the house thats full of compassion, warmth, love, empathy, understanding, full of thank yous, hugs, fun, music, kisses, companionship, romance. Then you realize you are married to a human being. A person who had his own interpretation of the exception of the rule. And you realize again you are the rule. Not the exception.

You start working. You will be the first person in the company who sets goals and actually achieve it. You start to realize the politics, the audacity of hypocrisy. You are shocked that people get ahead because of how they look, whom they know and what they are willing to do. You know you are good and that counts in something but then you realize it might count. But that is like 10% chance. Face it! You are the rule!

You think that you will be saving all the cats in the world. And all cats will get along in the house of Cinderella. Because it is their safe haven, your house is the exception of the cats rule. Then you realize the only ond extra cat you saved is feeling lonely because your original cat just hates him. And you realize even in THAT you are rule not the exception.

You even think that you will be the one surviving an apocalypse. Or a zombies attack. You have learntvall the moves, surely you started running just in case in happened you will be the fastest. You have already planned in your head what you will take and who you will help and who you will let die. News flash! We all think that! And statistically  speaking all of us wont be thr exception of the zombies rule!

 Someone promises you something. Of even tells you something as simple as “am not moving till you are okay”. You think hey mightbe  actually true! Ofcourse They won’t just tell you something like that and just leave. This has to be the exception. Then they simply go. Even this simple words are the rule. No exceptions!

 Face it

Memorize it

Idiolize it

Remember it



Disclaimer: The events depicted in this blog post are fictitious. Any similarity to any person or cat living or dead is merely coincidental.





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