One for the letgoers

2 Jan

Laying on the grass in a warm winter day. Facing the sun opressing the cold breathe to exist.

Listening to my current music crush, and because my earplugs aint that strong; am consiously screening out the kids laughing screams. Vivdly getting into the zone.

Checking facebook and those motivating sayings sometimes cracks me up. Ofcourse, yes! We know. Courage is good. Passion is good. Lying is bad. Laziness is bad (liars). But where is the motivation? Then i read this “letting go requires strength” i couldnt help but completing thr missing non existing part: “but so is holding on.”

Honestly, am the last one to talk about holding on. All i have been doing in most of my relationships is actually letting go. And the shocking part, i have got to learn my mere chance i have couple of people who bets on me letting go in some relationship or the other.

That bothered me.

By letting go sometimes i choose the hard way. But sometimes also it is the easy,non tiring, less patience required way out. 

I couldnt help but wonder, how many relationships i could have saved if i didnt simply let go?

(I sat on the grass, and i asked Hozier to stop singing for a minute)

Why do i expect people to hold on to me when i dont hold on to them?

Why my heart breaks when someone let go of me and not feel the same for others?

And why now, am i choosing to let go again other than work it out?

Is it a genetic thing?


Parenting gone rouge?



Lessons learnt?

Or lessons avoided?

Or is it just “too lazy” to do the work?

I can honestly say, i have worked on a handful (both hands) relationships in my life. 

I think this post is contradicting to most of the posts on this blog. But for once, I want to make a determination rather than a new year resolution. 

“Don’t let go of the relationships unless you and the other person/cat decided to let it go”

Letting go breaks hearts.

Don’t break someone’s you once cared for heart.

Let Her Go


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