Not Quite My Tempo

17 Oct

Why is it that we settle for friends, lovers, jobs, food, movies, books or even music; that arent “quite our tempo”?

When did we silently agree to just nod and smile and accept them into our lives when we are not the same tempo?

I understand diversity is a blessing, yet the problem arises when we keep these “unlike tempos” around for long.

They basically silently -again- convince you that you are the one that is out of tune -which might be true-but frustrating as it is: THIS IS YOUR OWN TEMPO!

Now, let me ask you this; how long will you keep on tapping to a tempo that is not yours, so many different tempos around you that they overwhelm you and not in a good way?

How long will you keep on listening to these strange to your ears and heart tempos? 

And if you found no other tempo around will you keep clapping till you find something else to clap on or will your own alone tempo suffice, even if just for a while?


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