The Aftermath Of A Nightmare

12 Nov

What if all the conspiracy theories that you denied were the truth? And the truth you believed in were the lies?

What if all the lefts were rights?

And all the rights were wrongs?

What if you found everything you didn’t write down and thought you would remember are written somewhere in a parallel universe waiting to happen?

What if you are actually awake in your dreams and your “daily life” is when you are asleep?

What if all of your dreams were snapshots from your before lives crawling their way up from being buried in your brain?

What if the moon is our original habitat and every month our families there are signaling us to see them through a full circle bright light and we are abandoning them over and over again?

What if all our anxieties are omens from our future self to be careful?

And what if; what we feel in a heartbreak was how death feel like and we are living the afterlife?

And what if there is no love in the world and thats us as corpses imagining THIS feeling so the tomb wouldnt feel so cold?

And what if all the times you felt goosebumps was because your name was said from far away future and past that you never were in and never will live?


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