A Hateful Dear Diary Post

20 Jan

Dear Diary,
I just met a vicious cry wolf, and realized i lived with him for years. He preyed on my compassion and the tremendous feeling of “need”. 
Dear Diary,
I am in awe for the cry wolf impeccable acting skills. How his eyes would be weary and within a second would be scanning around to check the empathy thermometer towards him.
Dear Diary,

I cant catch my breathe, as if i am drowning on a solid ground. I feel sick to my stomach that will jump start my body inside out. Ill be a master-scene in a gruesome movie with all my organs and my lonely soul worn on my sleeves. All two of them.
Dear Diary,

Im a daughter of an abusive manipulative cry wolf. 
Yours Honestly and Truly,

A strong take no shit fucked up wolf/sheep


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